South Carolina

Make the most of your sunny state!

BlueWave Home Solar Loans are available in South Carolina to help you easily finance the installation of your home solar system. In addition to the savings you can expect over time, you also may qualify for utility programs in South Carolina that will allow you to capture even more value from the sun.

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Here’s how our Home Solar Loan works.

Interest only payments for 18 months. Save up front with interest only payments following the installation period

No money down. Make no payments until after your system’s installation period

No penalties for early repayment. Pay off your loan early for additional savings

Online, automated bill-pay. With our secure online platform, we make signing up and managing your loan seamless.

Personal support. Best in class service from BlueWave Customer Care

Are you a solar installer in South Carolina? We want to partner with you! 

BlueWave’s proprietary software platform delivers innovative, high-value products and services to its partners and customers, enabling communities and consumers to choose local, low-cost renewable power.

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