North Carolina

Make the most of your sunny state!

BlueWave Home Solar Loans are available in North Carolina to help you easily finance the installation of your home solar system. In addition to the savings you can expect over time, you also may qualify for utility programs in North Carolina that will allow you to capture even more value from the sun.

Call us to learn about how you can sign up for our Home Solar Loan in North Carolina.

Here’s how our Home Solar Loan works.

  • Seamless and secure financing: It’s easy to sign up for your loan—with qualified credit, you’ll get quick online approval.
  • Innovative payment options: We offer FixRate loans for steady payment amounts and FlexRate loans for lower payments in your first five years.
  • No early repayment penalty: You can buy down your principal at any time without penalty– apply the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), cash, or other state incentives toward your loan.
  • Interest only period: We offer interest-only periods of up to 18 months allowing you flexibility in your loan payment.
  • Financing expertise: With our policy and financing expertise, we’ll help you make the most of local, state, and federal clean energy credits and incentives (like the ITC).

Solar + Storage

Finance more than panels with BlueWave.

When installing solar for your roof, you have the option of adding a home storage system so that you can save the energy you generate for future use– with or without sunshine!

Talk to your home solar installer about adding battery storage to your installation to maximize your investment in solar.

Are you a solar installer in North Carolina? We want to partner with you! 

BlueWave’s proprietary software platform delivers innovative, high-value products and services to its partners and customers, enabling communities and consumers to choose local, low-cost renewable power.

Talk to us about how we can work together to bring your customers accessible solar.