BlueWave was born in Massachusetts, and we’re proud to operate in a state with an ambitious solar agenda and numerous clean energy incentives.

In Massachusetts, we offer two distinct loan products:

Massachusetts Home Solar Loan
BlueWave Home Solar Loan

Read about each option below to decide what works best for you.

Option 1: Massachusetts Solar Loan

For income-qualifying customers, the state offers direct subsidies to buy down your loan interest rate through a public solar loan program from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC).

Seamless sign-up: Once you’ve been approved for the MassCEC program, we make it simple to sign up for your loan through our secure Solar Management Platform. With qualified credit and a Technical Confirmation from MassCEC, you’ll get quick online approval.

Low, fixed payments—no closing fees: We offer 10-year home solar loans, up to $60,000, at a fixed payment rate.

No early repayment penalty: While your system is being installed, you’ll only pay interest on 35% of your total loan. Once it’s operating, you’ll begin paying the principal plus interest—and with Federal and state tax credits, you can pay down your loan, faster, with no penalties.

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Option 2: BlueWave Home Solar Loan

BlueWave also offers our own loan product for customers in MA to ensure we can help you go solar even if state programs, like the MA Home Solar Loan, change over time.

Seamless sign-up: Once you have selected an installer, apply online through a simple portal that provides quick, online approval. Once you have your loan set up, you can also make payments online and track your remaining balance.

Low, fixed payments—no closing fees: We offer 10-year home solar loans, up to $100,000, at a fixed payment rate.

No early repayment penalty: Pay down your loan principal whenever you want with federal tax incentives, other state rebates, or cash- we don’t mind!

18 Month interest only period: Pay only the interest owed on your loan for the first 18 months after system operation.

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Save more with SRECs.

As your rooftop solar system generates clean electricity, it’s also producing Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs). SRECS are the way that energy suppliers in Massachusetts purchase renewable energy to ensure they meet their mandates for percent of energy production from renewables.

In Massachusetts, utilities and large energy suppliers are required to have a certain percentage of their power generated from renewable sources. To meet these requirements, suppliers can purchase SRECs on the open market, like the ones your system will generate.

When you sign your home solar loan agreement with BlueWave, we’ll act as your SREC manager to ensure the sale of—and payment for—your SRECs.

Learn more about saving with SRECs.

Are you a solar installer in Massachusetts? We want to partner with you! 

BlueWave’s proprietary software platform delivers innovative, high-value products and services to its partners and customers, enabling communities and consumers to choose local, low-cost renewable power.

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