Community Solar Services

Get on the fast track to community solar.

Today, community solar offers a ground-floor opportunity to add value to your consumer energy offerings with a reputation-enhancing benefit. The challenge? Getting your community solar program up and running fast, without the expense of building new customer systems.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. If you’re a developer or asset owner, BlueWave’s full suite of customer acquisition and management services is your solution. Count on BlueWave to get your community solar projects subscribed without the burden of building out new management systems.

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You Developed the Project, Let Us Take it From Here.

In addition to customer and client access to our proprietary, purpose-built platform, BlueWave’s community solar services include:

  • • Customer acquisition, from small offtake to large anchors
  • • Simple online customer onboarding, including digital contract execution
  • • Detailed real-time reporting on subscriptions
  • • Speedy project allocation
  • • Customer engagement and communications
  • • Ongoing customer management and support
  • • Subscription and credit management with automated monthly billing

How Do We Know? One Word: Experience.

We started as project developers, then built a platform and support team dedicated to effective customer onboarding, billing, and engagement. We’ve been acquiring and managing community solar subscribers since 2014, when we developed what became the first community solar projects in Massachusetts. Over the years we’ve developed more than 130 MW of solar. In the process, we have identified what makes Community Solar projects run smoothly, and honed our ability to streamline the customer servicing process.

To date, we’ve acquired 70 MW of community solar offtakers and managed thousands of subscriptions across dozens of projects. We’re coming to you with years of experience, a policy team dedicated to advocating for solar energy generation, and an in-depth understanding of the community solar servicing process. Community solar is complex – let us make it easy for you.

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