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One solution. For all your consumer solar needs.

Picture streamlining your solar sales and marketing efforts with no hassle (and maximum returns).

BlueWave’s Solar Management Platform provides you with complete customer acquisition and service capabilities in one user-friendly package. So whether you’re an installer or an acquisition specialist, the SMP allows you to deliver a seamless experience to your customers, and simplifies operations for your team.

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Here’s what the SMP can do for you:

Automated Acquisition | Community Solar

Signed, sealed, delivered: The Solar Management Platform makes community solar customer acquisition a snap with:

  • 3-step customer onboarding
  • Financing services
  • Quick project allocation
  • Digital contract execution
  • Automatic customer communications
  • Account monitoring
  • Acquisition analytics

Seamless Account Management | Community Solar

Inside the Solar Management Platform, your community solar customers can easily go from paying their bills to accessing updates with:

  • Interactive savings tracking
  • Automated billing
  • Project news & updates
  • Communications & support features

Automated Application | Home Solar Loan

Application, approval and disbursal for a home solar loan is as simple as 1-2-3 (and will make your customers feel right at home) with:

  • 3-step customer onboarding
  • Digital contract execution
  • Automated disbursals
  • Financing services
  • Automated communications
  • Automated billing
  • System monitoring & energy intelligence
  • One system for all financing options- FixRate, FlexRate, Solar + Storage

Seamless Account Management | Home Solar Loan

Inside the Solar Management Platform, your home solar loan customers can easily go from paying their bills to monitoring their energy credits with:

  • • Interactive energy tracking
  • • Easy bill & account access
  • • Contract documentation
  • • System documentation
  • • Social media integration
  • • Communications & support features