Meet BlueWave’s Project Development Team

We sat down with Managing Director for Project Development, Jon Mancini, to get some insight into how the development team works and the future of BlueWave’s development program.

Tell us about Project Management, what role do you play at BlueWave? What’s the history of the PM team?

Project Management is where site acquisition, development, construction, interconnection and asset management all come together. We are a team of fourteen that finds, permits, develops, constructs, connects and manages the solar projects that we build. It is an exciting group that covers diverse ground. We also take great pride in working within communities that we enter. It is very important to us that we understand our role as a guest among the local citizens in every community we seek to build a project.

BlueWave Solar was founded on the backbone of development before we expanded into our other product offerings.

What environmental protections does the team consider when siting, planning and constructing projects?

When considering projects we seek to become one with the natural surroundings. If we are cutting tress for a project, we seek to plant new ones in the general area. We also seek to enhance the environment by installing meadows and pollinating plants to enhance and stimulate bees and butterflies. We also make sure we do not damage existing wetlands or vernal pools while we are on site. Designing these features is a fun part of the business.

What is the team’s favorite BlueWave project and why?

Not sure about the team, but my favorite project is the Dover Powissett St landfill solar project. This was my first project that I started and finished. We started permitting in June 2016 and the project became operational in August 2017. It was very fast and the community was a great partner in the project. There was also complexity due to the fact that the Hale Reservation owned the land and the Town of Dover operated the landfill. The system size is 1.4MW and lowers the rates for the local school district.

Meet the team!

Jon Mancini
Job Title: Managing Director
Favorite Hobby: Wine collector
Favorite Movie: The Departed
Best part of being a BlueWaver: Working with a great team.

Drew Pierson
Job Title: Director of Project Development
Favorite Hobby: Cycling, Music, Snowboarding
Favorite Movie: Home Alone
Best part of being a BlueWaver: The problem solving and creativity each project requires, the camaraderie, and our fiercely talented, dedicated team.

Shauna Thompson
Job Title:  Director of Interconnection
Favorite Hobby: Hiking, Reading, Traveling
Favorite Movie: Elizabeth (w/Cate Blanchett)
Best part of being a BlueWaver:  My awesome, dedicated, brilliant, extraordinarily passionate teammates.

Sandra Brown
Title: Senior Director of Technical Services
Favorite Hobby: Spoiling the one and only Winslow rotten.
Favorite Movie: Probably Bringing Up Baby, but I won’t tell you because it’s one of the security questions.
Best part of being a BlueWaver: Building things that matter, as in literally building, if only they’d let me drive a tractor.

Lucas Faria
Job Title:
Construction Manager
Favorite Hobby:
Playing guitar
Fav movie:
The Dark Knight
Best part of being a BlueWaver: 
Flying a drone, of course! Also, building large-scale solar projects.

Giovanna Olson
Job Title: Project Development Associate
Favorite Hobby: Theatre; in front of, on, and behind the stage
Favorite Movie: The original Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Best part of being a BlueWaver: Working towards a brighter future alongside brilliant, dedicated and fun people.

Lexi Barlow
Job Title: Project Manager
Favorite Hobby: Reading
Favorite Movie: Little Miss Sunshine
Best part of being a BlueWaver: Solving problems as a team.

Tom Holt
Job Title: Construction Manager
Favorite Hobby: Constantly changing – right now it’s skiing.
Favorite Movie: Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island
Best part of being a BlueWaver: The amazing team we’ve assembled.

Andrew Buckley
Job Title: Site Acquisition Manager
Favorite Hobby: Budget traveling, indoor rock climbing, eating ice cream
Current Favorite Movie: I Love You Man
Sports team: Patriots
Best part of being a BlueWaver: Working in a place with a lot of internal opportunity for growth and strong mentor figures.

Matt Parlon
Job Title: Project Development Analyst
Favorite Hobby: Sailing
Favorite movie: The Other Guys
Best part of being a BlueWaver: Getting to draw from, and contribute to, the expanding knowledge base of the company.

Mitali Mirle
Job Title: Site Acquisition Analyst
Favorite Hobby: Swimming and diving
Favorite movie: Currently, Moana
Best part of being a BlueWaver: The passionate team we all are a part of.

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