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Introducing BlueWave Blueprints – a video series exploring the ever-expanding world of community solar. In each episode we sit down with different BlueWave experts to discuss various aspects of community solar, from customer engagement and billing to utility coordination and credit management. Each episode offers unique insights, building towards a better understanding of the important role of community solar service providers.

Many know BlueWave as a solar advocate and developer of some of the first community solar projects in the country. Back in 2012, we started building projects in communities throughout Massachusetts that were eager to participate in the solar energy revolution. We worked with landowners, town governments, environmentalists, and solar advocates to get these projects built. In the early days, we managed every aspect of the community solar journey. Not only did we plan, permit, and construct these projects, but we also recruited homeowners, renters, small businesses, and towns to participate in the projects as subscribers. We sized them for credits, sent them monthly bills, coordinated with utilities, and answered questions as they arose. We learned a lot during those early days, perhaps most importantly, the principal role customer acquisition and management plays in the successful execution of a community solar project.


A BlueWave developed project on Clara Barton Road in Oxford, Massachusetts

Through this experience we developed a blueprint (see what we did there) for getting projects subscribed, customers enrolled, and utilities connected that we’re still using today. While BlueWave still develops our own solar projects, we now offer our customer acquisition and management services to other project developers and owners who are doing their part to expand the solar energy revolution.

As a service provider we acquire and manage customers for our clients with our in-house experts and extensive network of sales partners. Importantly BlueWave delivers proactive, comprehensive support for clients and customers that not only alleviates any confusion about community solar, but ultimately creates a seamless, quality experience for project owners and customers alike.

Customer enrollment and engagement, credit allocations and utility coordination, billing and customer support – these are all aspects of community solar service that we learned through our own projects and can now offer to others.

In our first Blueprint episode, our Principal of Community Solar, Mike Marsch, shares an overview of community solar services and his excitement about the trajectory of the industry at large. Mike has been with BlueWave since 2013 and built and ran the company’s project development, construction and asset management team for several years. Now Mike leads our community solar services business, setting strategic direction and managing the delivery of all our client services. Enjoy!

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The BlueWave Team

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