BlueWave Solar Responds to the Suniva Trade Case Decision

Boston, MA – January 23, 2018

As a small, thriving solar company with more than 60 employees, BlueWave Solar is very disappointed by the Trump Administration’s approval of a new 30% tariff on solar panel imports. This is not only troubling for the American solar industry, but for the wider American economy. According to the Solar Energy Industry Association, the 30% tariff will cause the loss of 23,000 well-established solar jobs. That is equivalent to the entire solar industry in New England. Solar has provided a solid basis for upward mobility in many communities across the United States and the administration’s actions will hurt American families.

In reaction to the decision, BlueWave Solar CEO Trevor Hardy stated, “It is unfortunate that the Trump administration sided with two foreign-owned companies and does not seem to appreciate the impact on the overall value chain in a transforming and growing industry. This tariff will undoubtedly impact American small businesses, such as our installer partners, but BlueWave will push through any obstacle on our way to providing solar to everyone, everywhere.”

Mark Sylvia, BlueWave’s Managing Director for External Affairs and a clean energy policy expert said, “The U.S. solar industry is creating real and sustainable jobs every single day and it is very sad that the administration has injected politics into this industry of the future. Those in Washington claim to fight for workers, but thousands of families will lose because of this decision. Trump thinks this is an American industry win, but it is a definite loss for American families.”

BlueWave believes that the solar industry is an integral part of the American economy that will continue to play a major role in providing stable, well-paying jobs for hundreds of thousands of American families. Renewable energy and solar in particular is a growing power source for today and for the future. Our focus remains on the great people who make up our industry, the innovation that they are driving every day and the clean energy future they are building for our planet.

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