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For Partners

Triple your target market with AllBlue

In eligible regions, offer comprehensive energy options to customers seeking rooftop solar, community solar, or combined rooftop + community solar.

How It Works

By partnering with BlueWave, you can be certified to offer home solar loans, community solar shares, or AllBlue, a combination of the two. That means you can expand your customer base by including customers unable to install rooftop systems, or those looking to enhance their savings after an installation.

What You Get
  • Add a 3-in-1 product to your sales toolkit

  • Broaden your customer base to non-residential customers

  • Provide a back-up option to rooftop solar

  • Increase solar savings after panel installation

For Customers

Maximize your home solar savings with AllBlue

Take control of your energy costs by combining rooftop solar with community solar, and offset any remainder with solar credits on your utility bill.

  • Solar panels on a rooftop.
    Community Solar

    Add Community Solar

    Do you already have a rooftop solar power system, but still receive an energy bill each month? Add BlueWave Community Solar to further offset your energy use.

    Learn More
  • Kitchen counter and sink.
    Rooftop Solar

    Add Rooftop Solar

    Already signed up for community solar, but considering a rooftop installation? We can finance your rooftop system and resize your community solar share to cover any remaining energy needs.

    Learn More

Getting started with AllBlue

If you're interested in going AllBlue, we can begin sizing your membership or set you up with an installer partner to size your home solar system. If we don't currently offer AllBlue in your neighborhood, we'll let you know as soon as it becomes available!

Go AllBlue

BlueWave's experience in the industry, starting as a large developer for community solar and now taking that experience & knowledge of customers to the loan process, that has been key to our relationship.

Brian Sadler - RevoluSun, Solar Loan & Community Solar Partner
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Learn more about AllBlue

We're the first in the game to offer AllBlue. Read more about why we created this option, and how it can benefit you!


Ready to go all-in on solar? Let's talk AllBlue.

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