True Blues

Laura Adelman

Director – Marketing

Faisal AlAbdulmuhsen

Analyst – Northeast Sales Support

Lucy Alexander

Analyst – 

Larry Aller

Managing Director – Business Development & Sales

Lexi Barlow

Manager – Development

Sandra Brown

Senior Director – Technical Services

Andrew Buckley

Manager – Site Acquisition

Lucy Bullock-Sieger

Associate – External Affairs

Vanessa Coloma

Analyst – Operations

Wayne Cowie

Managing Director – South Africa, Project Finance

John DeVillars

Co-Founder & Chairman

Alexi Evriviades

Managing Director – Capital Markets

Lucas Faria

Assistant Project Manager – Development

Aidan Foley

Principal – Asset Management

Lynda Freshman

Senior Legal Counsel

Alessandra Garvin

Associate – Operations

Bill Gaudet

Director – Construction

Elizabeth Glynn

Senior Director – Sales Operations, Community Solar

Michael Gordon

General Counsel

Chris Gosline

Principal – Operations

Eric Graber-Lopez

Co-Founder & President

John Griswold

Managing Director – Southeast USA

Trevor Hardy


Diane Hassett

Managing Director – Project Finance

Tom Holt

Manager – Construction and Asset Management

Wells Howe

Manager – Sales

Brian Hunt

Senior Director - Project Development

Elizabeth Ingham

Accounting Manager

Neal Isaacson


Samantha Judge

Accounting Manager

Albert Louis-Jean

Senior Accountant

Trevor Lennox

Operations Analyst

Jessica Mallaghan

Business Development Manager - New England

Jon Mancini

Managing Director – 

Mike Marsch

Principal – Sales Operations

Jennifer Matchett

Sr. Associate – Product

Giovanna Olson

Associate – Development

John Michael Otis

Regional Sales Manager – Southeast

Matthew Parlon

Analyst – Development

Jordan Pentaleri

Analyst – 

Drew Pierson

Project Manager – Development

Allison Rand

Analyst – Operations

Lee-Anne Roodt

Manager – South Africa

Reg Schonborn

Senior Director – Operations

Alex Schulte

Director – Operations

Dean Smithyman

Director – Operations

Nick Speyer

Managing Director – Product

Cole Swain

Associate – Product

Mark Sylvia

Managing Director – External Affairs

Shauna Thompson

Director – Interconnection

Joelisa Tomaszewski

Manager – Human Resources

Madeline Wang

Managing Director – Platform Finance

David Wells

Senior Director – Business Development

Peter Yao

Senior Director – Product

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Current Interns

Rachel Beck – Site Acquisition
Charlotte Sargent – External Affairs
Sarah Renfro – Product
Isabelle V Ouellette – Marketing
Timothy Wamsted – Operations