Name change reflects mission to provide SOLAR for the 100%. “BlueWave” brand will remain.

BOSTON, MA – Massachusetts-based solar company BlueWave Capital, LLC announced today that it has changed its name to BlueWave Solar to reflect its core business focus on solar products and services. Known by most in the community simply as “BlueWave,” the company, in addition to providing superior solar development services, launched its Community Solar Share and Home Solar Loan products in Massachusetts in early 2016 all in support of its mission to provide Solar for the 100%.

“It is important that we are clear with our current and future customers, the public, the media and our investors about who we are and what we do as a company,” commented Trevor Hardy, BlueWave Solar’s CEO. “As BlueWave Capital, we grew our company to what it is today, a best in class solar company with offices in Massachusetts, the Carolinas and South Africa. As the Massachusetts market continues to grow and we expand our product and service offerings in other states, our name should say it all. BlueWave Solar does exactly that. “

BlueWave Solar was founded in 2011 by former EPA New England Regional Administrator John DeVillars along with Eric Graber-Lopez and Trevor Hardy. The company has played a leading role in the Massachusetts solar industry. Over the past two years, BlueWave Solar has doubled in size and is on track to launch its solar loan product in several new U.S. markets this year. To date, BlueWave Solar has developed more than 90 MW of solar, acquired over 850 community solar customers, delivered more than $4.5 million in annual savings for all customers and generated more than $125 million in savings over the life of contracts while reducing CO2 by 44,000 metric tons annually – the equivalent of taking 10,000 cars off the road.


About BlueWave Solar

BlueWave Solar (“BlueWave”) is a solar energy company founded on a mission to make solar available to everyone, everywhere. Driven to transform the energy status quo, BlueWave enables communities to take control of their energy production and consumers to choose local, low-cost power through our suite of consumer solar products, including the BlueWave Community Solar Share and the BlueWave Home Solar Loan. That’s our vision for a cleaner planet. And it’s our energy solution for the “100%”.

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