New York

BlueWave Solar in New York

Purchasing solar panels and own your home’s energy supply. Using a loan to purchase solar makes this choice accessible.

With BlueWave, we keep things simple. We find the bank to provide your solar loan then let you manage your loan easily through our online portal.

At BlueWave, we believe that solar is a force that can improve quality of life for all, save money, and protect the health of our planet.

Why wait? Start powering your home with solar!

Here’s how our loan works in New York:

  • Seamless sign-up: With our secure online platform, we make signing up and managing your loan seamless.
  • Low, fixed payments—no closing fees: We offer Home Solar Loan options for up to $100,000. After your system starts operating, you’ll pay interest-only for the first 18 months.
  • No early repayment penalty: While your system is being installed, you won’t pay anything. Once it’s operating, you’ll begin paying the principal plus interest—with potential Federal and state tax credits and rebates, you can pay down your loan, faster, with no penalties.

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BlueWave Home Solar Loan Features:
  • Interest only payments for 18 months. Save up front with interest only payments following the installation period
  • No money down. Make no payments until after your system’s installation period
  • No penalties for early repayment. Pay off your loan early for additional savings
  • Online, automated bill-pay. With our secure online platform, we make signing up and managing your loan seamless.
  • Personal support. Best in class service from BlueWave Customer Care

Are you a solar installer in New York? We want to partner with you! 

BlueWave’s proprietary fintech platform delivers innovative, high-value products and services to its partners and customers, enabling communities and consumers to choose local, low-cost renewable power.

Talk to us about how we can work together to bring your customers affordable solar.